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Cows on the alpine meadow

What is Cow Pie Bingo? Cow Pie Bingo (CPB) is the primary fundraiser for Sober Grad Night (SGN). SGN is a safe, fun, and alcohol and drug free celebration for seniors on graduation night. It is organized by a group of dedicated volunteers with support from our community. Find more info about SGN at

How does Cow Pie Bingo work? A grid of squares is marked on a field at Zittel Farms with the squares numbered in random order. Your CPB ticket number corresponds to a numbered square. A cow is turned loose on the grid to deposit their “PIE”. The square containing the “PIE” is the grand prize winner of $1,000; the four corner squares will each receive $100. Winners need not be present to win- we will contact you!

How can you support? Seniors are encouraged to buy 10 CPB tickets each. We also strongly encourage freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to buy at least 2 CPB tickets each year, ultimately supporting their own SGN.

A HUGE thank you to Zittel Farms for providing Chico (the cow), corn, oats, pumpkins & the field!

Free Range Cows


Cow Pie Bingo Ticket

$1,00 Grand Prize

Mary Morrison

$100 4-Corner Prizes

Jena Glynn

Lisa MacBride

Brian Miner

Lindsay Valle


We will be in contact to distribute your prizes!




Cow Pie Bingo (CPB) is the primary fundraiser for Sober Grad Night (SGN).

We raised $5,600 for Sober Grad Night 2024 through this incredible fundraiser!

These funds are used for a grad night celebration for the graduating Senior Class.  This memorable night could not happen without this event!

Click the PDF for the Cow Pie Bingo Order form, Pricing Details, and more... 

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