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Our Committee 2023-2024

Every year a great group of parents volunteer to make this event possible. If you would like to join and become a member next year, please email any of the current members.  You don't need to be a Senior parent to become a member.  Everyone is welcome!


Senior Chair

  • Meeting moderation

  • Liaison with Senior Class, Lakeside Church, Visa Del Lago High School partners

  • Speaks on Back to School Night video introducing Sober Grad Night and recruiting volunteers; speaks at Senior Assembly, graduation practice, Senior Breakfast to inform of SGN and ticket sales

  • Organizes SGN committees

  • Coordinates and signs contract for venue

  • Secures insurance

  • Signatory of financial documents

  • Completes Cow Pie Bingo raffle application form

  • Secures funding for students in need of financial sponsorship

  • Helps backfill committee positions

  • Manages student website interns

  • Other duties as needed

  • Works at the party

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