Cow Pie Bingo

The “dropping” will be on

October 19th at 8:00am

at Zittel Farms.

Cow Pie Bingo is a Folsom High tradition
and is 
the major
fundraiser for Sober Grad Night.
Cow Pie Bingo helps keep our Grad Night

tickets affordable so that all of our

Seniors can attend!

The holder of the Bingo number

with the “Cow Pie” on it

wins the Grand Prize of $1000!
The 4 surrounding corner squares

win$100 each!

(Winner need not be present)

·  Purchase with a check (to FHS Sober Grad) or cash at the Dogwalk, Sober Grad table at Back To School Night, Senior Parent College Symposium,
and home football games.

Seniors are encouraged to buy 10 tickets –

they can be resold to friends & family.  

· Senior families – expect a Sober Grad Night rep

to contact you via phone. 

For more information or tickets, contact Michele Piazzoni at

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We will try to answer your questions and concerns in the next 24 hours.