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What is Sober Grad Night?

It’s a fun, supervised, and sober graduation celebration...

Graduation night across the nation has proven to be one of the most dangerous times of a young person's life, due in great part to the presence of alcohol and drugs.  Folsom High School's Sober Grad Night is for all FHS graduating seniors and allows them to celebrate with friends on graduation night in a fun and safe environment,

This is our thirty third year of organizing an excellent graduation event for Folsom High School graduates. Our team prepares and plans throughout the year in order to make that celebration spectacular and safe. About 85% of the graduating students traditionally attend the event. Our 2023 class has over 600 students.  

Our Sober Grad Night has top-notch entertainment, great food, exciting prizes (including cash), a fun casino and lots of interactive games. This is made possible because of the continuing support of our community members and businesses. The event takes place immediately following the graduation ceremonies.

The event takes place immediately following the graduation ceremonies on May 25, 2023.  


  • Doors open at 9:00pm and it continues through the night, ending at 3:30am.  

  • The event is held at The Block at Lakeside Church, located on the corner of E. Bidwell and Oak Avenue Parkway in Folsom.

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