Cow Pie Bingo

Cow Pie Bingo Results 2021

$1,000 Grand Prize Winner

Michelle Lucina

$100 Prize Winners

Cyndee Solomon

Kenneth Demarse

Cindy Coyne

Lesley Finkel

We raised $6,600 for Sober Grad Night through this incredible fundraiser! These funds will be used for a grad night celebration for the class of 2022.  None of it could happen without this event!

Thank you to the Sober Grad Night Committee and the following ticket sellers who made this fundraiser a success:

Lisa Ames, Cindy Coyne, Lesley Finkel,

Jennifer Gitsham, Lynn Hergenraeder,

Marc Hudoc, Lynn Hurd, Stephanie Linn,

Diana Regan and Debbie Thoensen

A HUGE thank you to Zittel Farms for

providing Chico (the cow), corn, oats, pumpkins & the field!

Thank you for your support!!