Cow Pie Bingo Results 2021

$1,000 Grand Prize Winner

Lynette Perry

$100 Prize Winners

Sheryl Canada

Jeff Hylton

Kim Campbell

Folsom Counseling Services/

Hilary Donat

We raised $6,600 for Sober Grad Night!

Thank you to the Sober Grad Night Committee and the following ticket sellers who made this fundraiser a success:


Renee Anderson, Karyn Armstrong, Alma Becerra,

Emily Caceres, Christine Campillo, Claudia Cohen,

Barbara Coulombe, Christine Craft, Crystal Ellis,

Bernadine Eshbach, Cindy Hays, Charlene Kasadate,

Cori Lenehan, Doreen Muscott, Khristine Pettingill,

Michele Piazzoni, Kristine Rost, Laurie Sanders,

Tina Sandy, Debbie Thoenson & Michelle Senior

A HUGE thank you to Zittel Farms for

providing Chico (the cow), corn, oats, pumpkins & the field!

Thank you for your support!!

The “dropping” happened

on January 9th at

at Zittel Farms!

Cow Pie


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