Cow Pie Bingo

Cow Pie Bingo Results 2021

$1,000 Grand Prize Winner

Lynette Perry

$100 Prize Winners

Sheryl Canada

Jeff Hylton

Kim Campbell

Folsom Counseling Services/

Hilary Donat

We raised $6,600 for Sober Grad Night through this incredible fundraiser! These funds will be used for a grad night celebration for the class of 2021.  We con't know quite yet what this looks like, but we do have a plan in the works and none of it could happen without this event!

Thank you to the Sober Grad Night Committee and the following ticket sellers who made this fundraiser a success:

The Kuykendall Family, the FHS Janitorial Staff, Kristy Guarienti, Holly Gallant, Megan Mayoral, Jennifer Gitsham, Tracy Hofman, Mindy Matullo, Becky Majewski, Andee Giancoli, Connie Stevens, Leslie Haglan, Tish Marshall

A HUGE thank you to Zittel Farms for

providing Chico (the cow), corn, oats, pumpkins & the field!

Thank you for your support!!