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Our Committee - 2017

Every year a great group of parents volunteer to make this event possible. If you would like to join and become a member next year, please email any of the current members.

You don't need to be a Senior parent to become a member.  Everyone is welcomed!


Michele Piazzoni

Sue Galiata

Kim Radell

Kat Allgaier

​Gretchen Maccoux
Crystal Ellis
Tami Kacevas 

Mary Anne Reed

Heather Heller
Kimi Costar
Tracey Levea

Andrew Bates
Jennifer Cartier

​Kelly Cederstrom
Sue Galiata
​Wendy Estelita

​Kim Radell

Elizabeth Heffington
Kate Bolling
​Chris Piazzoni
​Max Harrington
Corrine Covington
​Austin Alvarez


Senior Chair
Junior Chair



Cow Pie Bingo Chairs

​Decorations Chair

Entertainment Chair

Food Chairs

Party Staffing Chair
Security Chair

Sponsors/Prizes Chair

Tickets/Tees Chairs

​Website Chair







Meetings Schedule
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